Realty Design Group's origins grew from meetings with thousands of families throughout the Chicagoland area. Universally, families were faced with similar questions. Should I stay or should I move? If we do stay, what would it cost to remodel? If we move, what should we look for in a new home? With experience in design build and real estate, the opportunity to develop a firm that can consult in all aspects of a client's next move seemed like a natural fit.

In the increasingly challenging housing market it became evident that home buyers were willing to make sacrifices to get into their desired neighborhood. In many instances, as projects were developed for these clients, it was discovered that the planned scope of work far exceeded budgetary expectations. Often, through the design discovery, it became apparent that the client's desired outcome and home's existing structure might not have been the best match.  

The goal of Realty Design Group is to ensure that, no matter what their client's next move, it is an educated one.