Whether you bought your home before or after the real estate bubble, Realty Design group understands the importance of getting the most out of the sale of your home. For RDG, home selling goes well beyond placing a sign in your yard and listing it on the MLS. Realty Design Group's unique blend of real estate experience and architectural design ensures your home is viewed by prospective buyers in the most favorable light possible.

Initial Consultation

DO NOT install granite countertops on your 1960's cabinets! Preparing a home for sale requires a seller to become a non partial third party observer, a vantage point not easily achieved. With the insight gained from representing home buyers and designing thousands of homes, RDG brings a fresh set of eyes to your home. Whether the finishing touch to your home involves a fresh coat of paint, moving a sofa, or a bath facelift, RDG provides the cost effective design solution to put your home's best foot forward.

Professional Photos

It is estimated that over 80% of homebuyers find their home online. So now, more than ever, it is important to make your home stand out from the crowd. Recent studies show that professionally photographed homes sell quicker and at higher price points than non- professionally photographed homes.  RDG employs professional photographers trained to capture your home in its best light.

Floor Plans

The online home shopping experience allows today's buyers to research and analyze your home well before walking through its doors. So why not complete the picture by highlighting your home's unique layout? From furniture placement to flow, a custom drawing of your home's floor plan [example] gives prospective buyers a tool for envisioning the space as their own. 

Market analysis

The real estate market is ever changing so it is important to trust the sale of your home to a firm that has its finger on the pulse of your local market. RDG understands the important balance of competitive pricing to elicit activity while maximizing your home's value. RDG's detailed survey of recent sales data makes certain your home achieves this balance.

Listing service

As a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker, the principal of RDG represents your rights as a seller from your home's first day on the market to closing. RDG's real estate arm, Gateway Realty, has over four decades of residential real estate experience. Together, RDG and Gateway will negotiate a favorable price and contract terms for your home.