Maybe it was the moment you moved in your furniture or maybe it was when your family of two became five, but somewhere along the way you found yourself saying "if only." If only I didn't feel closed off when in the kitchen. If only we could transform our roof to an entertainment space. Realty Design Group specializes in realigning your home's function and design with your lifestyle.

The professionals at RDG have successfully navigated hundreds of homeowners through sketches to project completion. Whether it's a bath remodel or a second floor addition, RDG has the experience to avoid the pitfalls often associated with remodeling. RDG's strength is in its ability to approach your home's transformation from a variety of disciplines including design, construction, and municipality requirements. In every project there is a delicate balance between wish list and budget. The RDG design process ensures this balance remains from concept to completion.

Initial Consultation

A successful project starts with a conversation around your kitchen table. Let us have it. Tell us everything that is on your mind- whether you think it is in the budget or not.  You have to start somewhere and you'll never know unless you ask.  With a complete understanding of all of your goals RDG can tailor a design solution while keeping an eye on the bottom line.  Maybe the experience you were looking for in your sunroom addition can be achieved with a wall of windows in your existing home instead. The goal of the initial design consultation is to establish a game plan to unleash your home's potential and explain just how RDG will make it a reality.

Design Drawings

Always wanted an island in your kitchen? Hedging against the future and want a first floor master suite?  RDG implements the latest design software to paint the picture of your home's potential. RDG produces interior perspectives, exterior elevations, and floor plans (examples) without the investment of architectural drawings.RDG encourages your feedback as we solidify your home's design- no egos here. With fully developed design drawings on hand we have the first step in ensuring the initial concept is recognized during the bid process.

Budget Planning

So you love your home's newly discovered potential- but what is all this going to cost? Backed by over a decade of residential design build experience RDG provides budget ranges at each step of the design process. Your time is valuable.  No sense in developing drawings that will fall well beyond your budget expectations. Have a specific budget? RDG's expertise in both construction and design provides the ability to focus your home's design to maximize the gain while working within the desired budget. 

Contractor Selection

Maybe you "know a guy." Maybe you "know a guy that knows a guy." Either way RDG wants to be "your firm" that makes sure "your guy's" proposal is accurate and complete. Working in the design build field for over a decade, Realty Design Group has reviewed over a thousand contractor proposals. The field of contractors is vast and projects are complex. Starting off with a solid understanding of scope benefits you and your contractor. But establishing that understanding is often easier said than done. RDG vets potential contractors, directs proposals to allow for "apples to apples" comparison, and eliminates the gray area.   

Permits & Plans

You've heard your municipality is difficult to work with? Yes, yes it is. So don't deal with them. RDG's vast knowledge of zoning and building code makes us well equipped to navigate your project through the permitting process.  Where architectural drawings are required, RDG has aligned itself with a variety of architectural firms that will transform our design drawings to permit ready blueprints.   

Material Selections

Is stainless still in? Does marble stain? Does this tie match these pants? Over the years we have met with homeowners who have selected every product for their remodel years in advance and others that are a blank canvas. No matter your approach, the interior designers at RDG can guide you through the material selection process. At RDG we believe a well designed space is not the result of an assembly of expensive materials but rather the coordination of materials of varying price points to achieve a specific design concept.   

Project Management

The Realty Design Group process is a relationship forged through weeks or months of planning. No one has more invested in ensuring that the concepts established Day 1 come to fruition.  For this reason, RDG offers project oversight throughout the construction process. With RDG in your corner you can rest assured that your project's timeline, budget, and design concept are being achieved.  

Interior Design

Sherwin-Williams currently offers 59 deviations of the color white. 8% of men are color blind. There is a distinct difference between an end table, coffee table, side table, and a night stand. For some, the finishing touches are an exciting opportunity for self expression. For others, it is an intimidating process filled with indecision and regret. For the latter, RDG employs interior designers specializing in making your home a reflection of who you are and not your ability to decipher between Downy and Dover White.